More about trekking and escape…

Sometimes I think I might be losing a sense of belonging to a particular place, home, people… These are the things that keep us usually safe and happy. Happy? Maybe to a certain extent. But happiness is such an abstract word…  I am not sure about the state of happiness in my life but I feel a certain level of adventure.   The sense of adventure drives me in my daily life – inspires and motivates me, i.e. keeps me “alive”…

Trekking is an easy way to experience a kind of adventure…  It is a temporary escape from life’s craziness… You can plan a big escape– climb Kilimanjaro or Everest (if you can afford…) or just go trekking…

I went trekking last Sunday to the mountainous area by the lake Albano (about one hour away from Rome).  It was a rainy day but we were able to see some beautiful views and get some exercise (10 hours of trekking…).

Lake Albano in the picture below…

It’s getting cold in Rome and I am dreaming of some warm place, escape…

My next destination is Jordon and I am leaving in two days! I will spend few days there — first  the Dead Sea and then in Petra — the giant red mountains and vast mausoleums of a departed race  –  one of the greatest wonders ever wrought by Nature and Man…   Not a bad place to celebrate my birthday…

Below: Petra by QuoVadis.Lt


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